The DNS server, IP address and getway

At the current time of many offices and companies that have an internet connection. Usually every office / agency employees are connecting computers to the Internet through the network, both cable and wareless.

If you have been in the office has a network and connect to the Internet, you may never have a problem with the dissolution computer internet connection, while the network (LAN) running well. Perhaps one of the problem is not tercantumnya DNS on your computer.

Sometimes DNS has been provided by the Administration in the office, sometimes the DNS Admin conceal it, so that you are difficult to penetrate the virtual world.

With this trick we can know information on our computers, including physical address, IP address, DNS server and getway

How ?

click Start-Run

in the dialog box type cmd

It will appear command promt.

in the c: \ pompt the type ipconfig / all

Now you can view important information about the computer and network on your computer.
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