Remote Admin

Remote administrator is a software to view and control another computer from your computer through the local network. Radmin so using this we can do anything against the other people in the computer network, such as changing the configuration, rename the file, create a new file or folder to turn off the computer and other computers from us. Radmin this support to the OS = 9x/ME/NT4.0/2000/XP/2003.To get this Radmin can be downloaded HERE
After the download, Radmin in instalkan on your computer and your destination, Radmin is equipped with a password to log in to the destination computer, at least 8 characters.

After login, click the connection, and then connect to. Enter the purpose of your computer's IP.

After connected, you can do anything in the computer, including to transfer data from your computer to another computer, and vice versa.
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